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Everything you need to know about how to flush your system of toxins.

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Total Cleanse

Total Cleanse 2 Day

Herbality's Total Cleanse 2 Day Detox Kit will assist you in preparing for your next drug screen. 


Total Cleanse 5 Day

Herbality's Total Cleanse 5 Day Detox Kit is the best choice for you if you have the time. 



Total Cleanse Detox Kit's

Our detox kits permanently remove all detectable traces of metabolites from your system, allowing you to pass any drug screen whether it be for saliva, urine, hair, saliva or blood. Through years of research, independent studies, and customer feedback, we have developed safest, fastest and most effective detox kit on the market. Let us help you pass your next drug screen confidently!


I ordered this product with overnight shipping and it arrived right on time in Oregon. The Friday before my test I  woke up and drank 2 glasses of water before I started on the directions. Bottom line it was delivered in 24 hours just like advertised, it allowed me to pass a 10 panel test down to 15/ng. I hope others can benefit from this detox. 

Sean McGowan

I’ve used these products for years and haven’t had any problems. By far the most reliable detox kits I’ve found.

James Harrison

I am a daily medical user but I still needed to pass a drug test for a new job. I used your 5 day kit and used my first test kit after 4 days just to see and I was already clean! Thank you guys!


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