Customer Reviews

Worked for me!
I used the 5 day kit and it worked for me! Thanks again! – Stacy

This product worked for me: 2 Day THC Detox. 
“I ordered this product with overnight shipping and it arrived right on time in Oregon. The Friday before my test I  woke up and drank 2 glasses of water before I started on the directions. Bottom line it was delivered in 24 hours just like advertised, it allowed me to pass a 10 panel test down to 15/ng. I hope others can benefit from this detox. – Sean

I’ve used Herbality detox products a few times!
I’ve used these products for years and haven’t had any problems. By far the most reliable detox kits I’ve found. – James

GREAT Products!
5 day detox worked for me. I cannot thank you enough! Thanks for being there, and for working as promised! – John

Total Lifesaver
The 2 day detox ensured I kept my job! Thank you! - Russ

I was clean in 4 days! 
I am a daily medical user but I still needed to pass a drug test for a new job. I used your 5 day kit and used my first test kit after 4 days just to see and I was already clean! Thank you guys! – Nico 

Heavy User 
Ordered the heavy user detox for permanent detoxing. I had 6 days to get clean before I had to pass a drug test for work. Worked great for me! - Tom

Thank you!
Whilst I understand this might not work for all it definitely worked for me and I’m clean after taking the 5 day cleanse. Just take the pills, drink mad water and eat healthy for a week. Thank you so much! – James