Why Should I Detox?

Wondering if a marijuana detox is right for you?  The most common reason that people choose to detox is due to an impending drug test. Usually, drug tests are signs of something good happening in your life — like a new job, a promotion, acceptance into an organization or school, or even travel (where state laws may be different and you want to take no chances!). Sometimes though, heavy weed users choose a marijuana detox for a tolerance break (t-break), which we’ll explore in this blog as well.


Detoxing for a Drug Test

If you’re about to take a drug test but have been using marijuana, we can guess the first question on your mind: how long does marijuana stay in my system? There is no short and easy answer here, as it all depends upon a number of factors related to BMI, amount of weed used, the frequency used, and strength of the strand. But there are some general guidelines that you can use. Since the most frequent marijuana drug testing is a urine test, we’ll highlight the urinalysis detection times here. According to Verdant Herbals, “there have been reports of detection times longer than 30 days but this has been extremely rare; the most credible source and recent (last updated October 2016) study on marijuana detection times has been by the Mayo Medical Laboratories:

  • Single Use: detection time up to 3 days
  • Moderate Use (four times a week): detection time up to 5 days
  • Heavy Use (daily): detection time up to 10 days
  • Chronic Heavy Use (multiple times a day): detection time up to 30 days”

So there you have it — even if you’ve only used marijuana once if the timing is right — you may be in need of a detox in order to pass a drug test. For more information about how long marijuana stays in hair and saliva, read here.


Detoxing for a Tolerance Break

A tolerance break is pretty much what it sounds like — a break from marijuana in order to lower your tolerance and rejuvenate its effects. This typically applies to chronic or heavy users who aren’t feeling the same “high” effect as they did in the past.

The art of tolerance breaks has even been studied by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Check out this excerpt from Leafly: “A study by Dr. Miles Herkenham of the NIMH on the cannabinoid receptor system and its tolerance to cannabis came to the following conclusion: ‘The effect … is time- and dose-dependent, and is reversible, and thus appears to be cannabinoid-receptor mediated … The result [of the study] has implications for the consequences of chronic high levels of drug use in humans, suggesting diminishing effects with greater levels of consumption.’  While it is possible to become highly tolerant of cannabis and its myriad effects, the buildup can be reversed by taking a break from the drug.”

Therefore, if you feel like you’re not getting the full effects or the type of “high” that you want from weed, then a marijuana detox may be right for you.


Our Marijuana Detox Kits

We offer both  2-Day and 5-Day THC Detox Kits. Either kit will remove all THC metabolites within 48 hours or 5 days, respectively. The 2-Day Kit contains 18 capsules to take within 2 days, while the 5-Day Kit has 30 pills to be taken over the course of the 5 days. Each capsule has a concentrated, all-natural, pharmaceutical grade formula containing our highly-researched proprietary blend to help cleanse and detox your system.  Check out both of our THC Detox Kits and see which is best for you here >

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