5 Common Marijuana Detox Myths, Debunked

The Internet is a wonderful place where you can learn a lot of awesome things, but it’s also, unfortunately, full of misinformation. Especially on a topic like doing a marijuana detox, a quick Google search yields you all kinds of wild claims and propositions. We’re here to help and as such, will debunk five of the most common THC detox myths.

But before we get started, let’s make one thing clear: if you read somewhere online that you can drink bleach to detox weed from your system, DO NOT DO IT. You should never ingest bleach under any circumstances. Also, if you’re a beginner in the THC detox world, you may want to read this blog post first. Now that we’ve cleared that up, here we go.

Myth #1: You can do a THC detox by chugging water.

Nope. You can’t, and it’s best that you don’t even try. This is a misconception that most weed users have because pop culture touts water as the almighty system flusher. However, if you drink too much water before trying to pass a drug test, you run the risk of raising red flags thanks to diluted urine. We get asked this question so much, we wrote an entire blog post about why you can’t detox with water alone. Read it here.

Myth #2: Marijuana detox drinks are better than detox pills.

Although super popular...and debatably tastier than detox pills, marijuana detox drinks simply can’t match the concentrated strength of a THC Detox Kit. In fact, these drinks are largely water (refer back to Myth #1 about being unable to detox with water) with some herbal supplementation mixed in. On the other hand, the pills in our THC Detox Kits contain certified pharmaceutical grade extracts that are guaranteed to detox the weed out of your system within 48 hours. (We wrote more about this topic, too! Check it out.)

Myth #3: Natural drinks like cranberry juice and vinegar provide an effective detox.

Cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, pickle juice (ew), coffee, tea, Red Bull — none of these have been proven to help detox weed out of your system. And again, because you’d be consuming more liquid, you run the risk of diluting your urine.

Myth #4: You can exercise all of the weed out of your system.

While it’s true that sweat is one of the body’s natural ways of detoxing, a sudden burst in exercise isn’t enough to help get the weed out of your system. THC metabolites are stored in your fat cells, so the more body fat you have, the more THC is stored. When you start exercising excessively, you could inadvertently cause a massive release of THC!  

Myth #5: You can sweat weed out of your system in the sauna.

Similar to Myth #4, sweating alone will be ineffective as a marijuana detox. Plus, who wants to spend all of that time in a hot sauna?

Are you ready to bust through these myths and get a THC Detox Kit?  We’d love to help you find the right THC Detox Kit for you, whether it’s a 2-day marijuana detox or a 5-day marijuana detox.  Contact us so we can help you make the switch today!

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