Will They Know I Took a Detox Pill?

So you have an upcoming drug test, and you’re thinking about using a detox products to help you pass it. Then you start wondering if you might inadvertently screw yourself over by taking said a detox products. After all, what if they show up on the drug test? Then you’re employer (or whoever) will surely know that you’ve got a habit (and that you’re trying to cover it up via a detox). We will not make you read this entire blog to find out the answer — it has no. Whoever gives you a drug test will never be able to tell that you took a detox capsules. Our detox products are no detectable on a drug screen. Here is why.

First, let us consider exactly what a drug test is set up to look for. Specifically concerning a use, the drug test is trying to detect the metabolites that hang around after you’ve used (is the compound in a that is responsible for that nice high feeling). Therefore, rather than mask those metabolites or risk diluting your urine, our detox products (the Detox Kits) actually cleanse the metabolites from your system via your body’s natural excretion systems (urination and bowel movements). In addition, no worries — the drug test will NOT be looking for any of the ingredients that are in our detox capsules.

Not only are the ingredients in our detox products completely natural, but they are all ingredients that easily blend into a normal diet. We isolated the safest, most effective detox ingredients — and then blended them together in a super-concentrated, pharmaceutical-grade detox kit. There are no chemical-based ingredients in our detox products. Take a quick look:

●     Organic Coltsfoot

●     Organic Elecampane

●     Organic Fennel

●     Organic Licorice Root

●     Organic Milk Thistle

●     Organic Chick

●     Organic Yellow Dock

●     Organic Ginseng

●     Organic Potassium

●     L-Glutamine

●     Mullien

●     Fenugreek

●     Organic Slippery Elm

If you want to read in-depth about each of these ingredients (what it is, what it does, why we chose it), then definitely check out our Ingredients page here.

We’ve helped thousands of customers safely complete a detox and pass a drug test, and we’ve never had anyone say that their employer even suspected the use of a detox kit. This is true for occasional users and chronic users alike. Here are a few examples of customer reviews from real people who have used our detox products:

Total Lifesaver

The 2 day detox ensured I kept my job! Thank you! - Russ

I was clean in 4 days!

I am a daily medical a user but I still needed to pass a drug test for a new job. I used your 5 day kit and used my first test kit after 4 days just to see and I was already clean! Thank you guys! – Nico

Heavy User

Ordered the heavy user detox for permanent detoxing. I had 6 days to get clean before I had to pass a drug test for work. Worked great for me! - Tom

You can have peace of mind that our detox kits will help you pass a drug test and that no one will ever know you used one. Order yours today!

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