Detox Pills vs Detox Drink

It’s time for a detox. If you’re looking to pass a drug test or just to take a break from marijuana, you’re probably looking for the best way to detox. While there are a lot of methods for detox, the most popular usually comes down to using a detox pill or using a detox drink. In this blog, we’ll examine which method is the best for optimal removal of THC and THC metabolites from the system.

The most obvious detox drink (and the one we’re asked about most frequently) is plain old water. Many marijuana users wonder if they can simply detox their systems by drinking loads of water before a drug test. Check out this blog we wrote on whether you can detox with water or not for the full details on why a water detox is not as effective as a THC Detox Kit.

Along the same lines, infused water (sometimes called “detox water”) has become a popular option for those looking to detox. You can go to high-end natural grocery stores and find water bottles filled with blackberries and mint that cost upward of $5 a bottle and promise loads of detox claims. The bottom line when it comes to water or infused water is that it is not an effective method; the detox pills in both of our THC Detox Kits, however, come with a 2 or 5-day guarantee of ridding the body of THC metabolites.

A variety of detox teas and juices are also touted as effective methods of detox. While they may offer some of the same natural ingredients that we do in our THC Detox Kits, it’s important to consider that any kind of detox drink will be diluted with water. As such, using detox drinks is simply an unreliable method — and when you’re trying to pass a drug test, you want the most reliable methods possible!

Let’s consider the difference in a detox pill. Because the detox pill does not have to be diluted at all to become a drinkable substance, it contains a super-concentrated dose of supplements that help speed up the body’s removal of THC metabolites.

If you choose one of our THC Detox Kits, then you get not just an extremely concentrated dose of only pharmaceutical grade (certified) natural extracts via our detox pills, but you also get the peace of mind that comes from utilizing a proven, reliable method. Our  2-day THC Detox Kit and 5-day THC Detox Kits have helped thousands of people pass drug tests, as we have isolated the most effective natural extracts and combined them into a mega dose via our detox pills. This simply cannot be accomplished with a detox drink.

Another consideration: because you now know that detox pills are much more concentrated than detox drinks, think about the economic difference. While many detox drinks are pricey (especially those that specifically claim to detox THC), they do not offer the same value as a concentrated detox pill. You would have to buy a lot of drinks to match the number of supplements you’ll receive in pill-form in our THC Detox Kits!

Have you tried detox drinks before and you’re ready to switch to detox pills? We’d love to help you find the right THC Detox Kit for you.  Contact us so we can help you make the switch today!

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