Can you Detox Marijuana From Your Blood?

While a urine test is the most common type of drug test to detect marijuana use, there are times when blood tests are used. Because it’s generally thought that marijuana is found in the blood for much shorter periods of time than urine, a marijuana blood test is most commonly used following events like car accidents or workplace-related incidents. But occasionally, you do have a heads up before a marijuana blood test, in which you may be wondering if a THC detox would be effective at minimizing the amount of THC in your bloodstream. The short answer is — yes. Our THC detox kits can cleanse the THC from your system so you can pass your drug test. In this article, we’ll explain why.


How Does Marijuana Enter the Bloodstream?

It’s important to understand the process of marijuana entering the bloodstream to fully understand how the detox works. This is a great explanation from How Stuff Works: “The most common way to use marijuana is to smoke it. Smoking is also the most expedient way to get the THC and other chemicals into the bloodstream. When a person inhales smoke from marijuana, the THC goes directly to the lungs. Your lungs are lined with millions of alveoli, the tiny air sacs where gas exchange occurs. These alveoli have an enormous surface area -- much greater than that of your skin -- so they make it easy for THC and other compounds to enter the body. The lungs absorb the smoke just seconds after inhalation.” If you are vaporizing marijuana or ingesting edibles, you can learn more about the process of THC entering your blood here.


How Long is Marijuana in the Bloodstream?

According to Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, the levels of THC begin to show up in the bloodstream within minutes, and they’re typically present for 1-3 days depending on how much you smoke. However, marijuana has been found in blood for up to 25 days (!) in those who are chronic users. (Reminder: this is a shorter amount of time than how long marijuana is in urine. While it depends on many factors, like how much you smoke and what your BMI is, marijuana can be found in the urine for more than 30 days. Source)


How does the Detox Work?

The ingredients in our detox kit our all-natural, pharmaceutical grade supplements. We have formulated a proprietary blend that is packed with supplements that have been used for centuries to promote detoxification. When you take our detox kits, you do have to abstain from marijuana use and second-hand smoke in order to have a successful THC detox. We also advise you to drink plenty of water to support your body’s processes, sit in a sauna, and even drink green tea, which is known to help purify the blood. For more THC detox instructions, see here.


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