Can You Detox with Water?

With so many detox drinks on the market on these days, as well as confusion about how the body rids itself of substances, there’s a common myth that states that people can detox with water alone. While it’s true that the body’s natural detox happens through excretions, drinking water will only dilute the THC compound, as opposed to rid the body of it altogether.

However, when you use a detox pill like the ones in our THC Detox Kits, you ensure that your body is excreting the cannabinoid compounds rather than just watering them down.  And, when you use our THC Detox Kits, you guarantee that you’ll detox the cannabinoids within two to five days!

If you’re trying to detox from weed because you need to pass a drug test, then you also need to know about creatinine. Creatinine is simply a natural waste product that occurs from muscle breakdown and that is filtered through the kidneys, but it is measured on drug tests in part as a way to check the dilution of the urine. When you try to detox with water instead of a detox pill, you run the risk of having a low level of creatinine show up on your drug test. This is a huge red flag to whoever is administering the drug test, as it’s basically automatically assumed that someone with a low creatinine level is trying to mask drug use. Your safest bet is to try our 2-day THC Detox Kit or 5-day THC Detox Kit , complete with detox pills that will rid your system of all traces of THC.

It’s also become popular to drink “detox water” as a detox method, which is basically just fruit or herb-infused water. Some of the popular combinations include lemon juice and hot water, cucumber and mint water, blackberry and rosemary water — you get the picture. While these are certainly healthy drinks that can help “flush your system” (lemon is a natural diuretic), there is no evidence that these specialized detox waters can rid your system of cannabinoids. Skip the fancy H2O combinations and go for a detox pill instead.

Maybe you’re trying to detox with water because you think it’s the safest and most natural way to detox. After all, urinating is one of the body’s built-in natural methods for detoxification (and it’s one of the ways that body DOES get rid of waste). If you’re trying to stick to as natural of a detox as possible, you’ll be happy to know that the detox pills in both of our THC Detox Kits contain concentrated pharmaceutical grade certified concentrated and natural extracts. Our detox pills feature ingredients like organic fennel, organic ginseng, and organic licorice root.  Read more about the all-natural (and mostly organic) ingredients in our THC Detox Kits here.

Would you like to know more about detox pills or how to use our THC Detox Kit? You can visit our FAQ page or contact us so we can assist you and help you have the best detox experience possible.

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