Top 5 Reasons to Use our Detox Kit

  1. It is the fastest, most effective metabolites detox kit available!

Within just 48 hours, our 2 day Detox Kit will remove any detectable metabolites elements (aka metabolites) from your body, which helps you rapidly get ready to pass a drug test. Our unique metabolites detox has evolved over the last 8 years using customer research, feedback, and independent studies done within the industry to ensure you are getting a completely effective detox. In fact, we are so confident in Total Cleanse Detox Kit’s performance that we will refund your money if you do not pass your drug test. We don’t know of anywhere else that you could get a guaranteed 2-day detox!

  1. All of our ingredients are natural.

We have isolated the most effective all-natural ingredients and brought them all together into one comprehensive formula. To ensure our Detox Kit is one of the finest formulas on the market, we use only pharmaceutical grade (certified) natural extracts. Here is a quick look at the ingredients:

●      Organic Coltsfoot

●      Organic Elecampane

●      Organic Fennel

●      Organic Licorice Root

●      Organic Milk Thistle

●      Organic Chick

●      Organic Yellow Dock

●      Organic Ginseng

●      Organic Potassium

●      L-Glutamine

●      Mullien

●      Fenugreek

●      Organic Slippery Elm

You can read the full information about all the 2-day detox ingredients here.

  1. We have excellent customer service (and really fast shipping).

Our staff are experts in this industry and are more than happy to help you. We will discuss any of your concerns, help educate you more about our metabolites detox, and in general, work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied. You can contact us here anytime and we’ll reach out to you quickly. Part of our commitment to high customer service standards is fast, discreet shipping. All orders are shipped typically same daybut no later than next day, in a discreet white padded envelope via USPS Priority or USPS Overnight Mail. We understand both the urgency and privacy concerns that normally come with purchasing our product, and we do all that is possible to ensure our clients confidentiality.

  1. Detox capsules are much more effective than detox drinks.

Yep! Straight from this blog we wrote on the topic: “Because the detox pill does not have to be diluted at all to become a drinkable substance, it contains a super-concentrated dose of supplements that help speed up the body’s removal of metabolites. If you choose one of our  Detox Kits, then you get not just an extremely concentrated dose of only pharmaceutical grade (certified) natural extracts via our detox pills, but you also get the peace of mind that comes from utilizing a proven, reliable method. Our  2-day  Detox Kit and 5-day  Detox Kits have helped thousands of people pass drug tests, as we have isolated the most effective natural extracts and combined them into a mega dose via our detox pills. This simply cannot be accomplished with a detox drink.

  1. No one will know you did a detox.

The detox capsules are specially formulated to help your metabolites detox be safe, effective, all-natural way. We worked hard to optimize a formula that contains ingredients that are in most people’s diets, and there are no chemical-based ingredients in our detox pills whatsoever.

What are you waiting for? Start your metabolites detox now!

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